QuoteThe beauty of art, I found, is outside in nature. Working outdoors and close to the ocean became a fulfilled goal.Quote

About Coastal Surroundings

Coastal Surrounding Landscape Company started in 1981 as a dream realized.  Working and owning my own business, spending the majority of my time outdoors and close to the ocean, became a fulfilled goal.

With a degree in Ornamental Horticulture (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), a minor in English, and a year and a half with Valley Crest Landscape, it was time to go out on my own and convey my message. The beauty of art, I found, is outside in nature.

We have worked with hundreds of great clients throughout the years (majority in San Clemente). Creating outdoor environments to enjoy visually, aesthetically, and practically, throughout years of existence continues to be very gratifying.

Inspiration continues to flow from the very core of nature itself… the roots and backbone of our business.  Earth shapes and forms… textures, lighting, and water features are exhibited throughout our craft.  Botanical science and design flow deep to the core.

Inspiration is always around the next corner- a glint of sun ray, that certain breeze, a special scent… a continuing blend of nature’s forces delivered to your doorstep for years to enjoy and enhance your surroundings.

About Coastal Surroundings Collage